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What is the benefit of building management system?

by Andrew | Apr 12, 2023

Building management system (BMS) or building automation system (BAS) offers numerous benefits, including:

Energy efficiency: The system offers comprehensive control, management, and monitoring of all building systems, including HVAC, lighting, and security, leading to optimal energy usage and savings on utility bills.

Improved comfort and convenience: With BMS, occupants can enjoy enhanced comfort and convenience by regulating temperature, ventilation, and lighting levels according to their preference, making it more comfortable to work.

Increased safety and security: The system monitors and controls various security systems such as surveillance cameras, access control, and fire alarms to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Easy maintenance: The system offers a comprehensive solution that allows for easy maintenance, repair, and replacement of different building systems, making it easier for facilities and maintenance personnel to carry out their duties.

Enhanced productivity and efficiency: BMS helps optimize building systems, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency by creating a conducive environment in the building.

Real-time monitoring and control: Through the use of advanced sensors and software, BMS allows operators to monitor and control building systems in real-time to fight impending emergencies and equipment failure.

Improved environmental management: The system offers a platform for tracking, analyzing, and reporting environmental data, which helps improve environmental management in the building.

Compliance with regulations and standards: BMS helps meet regulatory and compliance standards set by various regulatory bodies such as ANSI, ASHRAE, and NFPA.